12 Best Maple Syrup Recipe

Maple Syrup
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Limiting maple syrup only to breakfast time is selling it short. The best maple syrup recipes include drizzles over pork, blended in salad dressings then melted into delicious tarts. When purchasing maple syrup, make sure you do your research. Grade B is the best choice in many recipes, but pancake syrup, made of the syrup of corn along with maple flavoring could be skipped completely.

1. Maple-Butternut Puree

In place of the sweet potato, consider the equally carotene-rich, starchy butternut squash as your next mashing. Food processors can make the mix silky smooth. You can also alter the taste by swapping the fresh ginger and maple syrup for sale for a pinch of ground curry powder and cinnamon, or freshly chopped sage with minced Parmesan cheese.

2. Baked Brie That Has Been Topped With Pumpkin Maple Sauce

Your guests will be amazed by the ease and pleasure that baked brie can bring to the table just before serving dinner. It’s the perfect blend of salty and sweet with the advantages of a warm gooey interior and a crisp flaky crust on the exterior. Puff pastry that you buy from the store wraps the whole wheel of brie and is finished off with a drizzle of sweet maple sauce with pumpkin spice that’s rich and enhanced with maple syrup. It’s topped with some almonds sliced to give it a crunch and the rich, nutty flavor the perfect starter for any autumn-themed dinner.

3. Orange Maple Balsamic Salmon

The delicate balance of tangy and sweet flavors covers salmon fillets and infuses them with a gentle brightness. This recipe is a simple mix of fresh orange juice and zest that is perfectly paired with the balsamic vinegar as well as maple syrup. A portion of the orange-balsamic mix serves as a marinade while the rest simmers into a rich sauce that you can drizzle over the fish fillets when they emerge from the oven. This simple salmon dish is great served with hearty sides like roasted vegetables brown rice, sweet potatoes or Quinoa.


4, Fried Lobster Tails Topped With Sweet Corn Waffles And Spicy Maple Syrup


5. Sugared And Glazed Potatoes Made With Maple Gastrique

From the Kitchen of…Hugh Acheson, Longtime Cooking Light Friend

“This dish is an example of the synergy of my Northern and Southern roots. My Canadian veins are partially full of maple syrup, and I adore the Southern staple crop of the sweet potato.”

The gastrique, a sweet-tangy glaze, is a perfect Thanksgiving dish however, it is also easy enough to whip up during the week.

6. The Waffle Crusted Buffalo Chicken Tenders With Best Sauce Ever

Waffles and chicken are an incredibly effective combo. A shattered-skinned, tender piece of meat is paired with a crispy edge and the luscious cushion of batter baked and then it’s all coated in syrup. Glory. Buffalo chicken, too is a wonderful thing, and it’s topped off with the delicious taste that comes from the hot sauce (this might seem like an advertisement for Frank’s RedHot however it’s pure love) and mellowed by melting butter. Chicken tenders are also ideal in their Guest posting sites finger-friendly with dippable shape. In these heart-pounding, head-spinning moments of big, telecast sporting events, and political apocalypse as well as The Bachelor, it just is logical to combine the best things possible and put them in our mouths in order to get the most enjoyment. This is the reason I prepared the Waffle-Crusted Buffalo Tenders made with spicy maple syrup for you.

7. Pumpkin Butter

The maple syrup that is used in the pumpkin butter recipe makes the spread darker and gives it a nice richness of flavor. This simple recipe makes plenty, however, you can reduce the recipe to half to yield a smaller amount.

8. Brown Butter-Maple-Pecan Blondies

Are you friends with someone who doesn’t like chocolate? Try these Blondies rather than brownies. Make sure to use top-quality 100 pure maple syrup to make these cookies. The imitation syrup doesn’t offer the same richness or scent. The darker syrup, the more intense the flavor.

9. Honeycrisp-Maple Sipper

The abundance of apples in the fall is worth a drink. Honeycrisp apples are delicious and sweet, with some tartness, which provides a fresh, refreshing taste that gives this booze-soaked drink plenty to talk about. Maple syrup enhances the warm Bourbon.

10. Quick Barbecue Sauce

The list of ingredients in the sauce is brief and useful, as you probably have the majority of the ingredients you need. Smoked maple syrup and paprika round off the tang of ketchup, and provide a deeper flavor. Serve as a glaze for pan-seared pork tenderloins, or mix with shredded chicken to make sandwiches.

11. Japanese Turnips With Maple-Miso Butter

Mona Johnson, co-owner of Tournant catering in Portland, Oregon, created this dish to serve at Thanksgiving dinner. It was cooked with mild light white Japanese turnips (Tokyo or Hakurei varieties) in butter and white miso for delicious flavor, and then added a hint of maple syrup to add sweetness.

12. Sour Cherry Breakfast Parfait

If you’re a regular local shopper and come across sour cherries at the farmers market, make sure to grab the most you can. The season for sour cherries is so small, that you should get the most value as it’s still in full flow. You can spend an afternoon pitting them, and then making the most gorgeous magenta-colored cherry sauce, which can be used for pie fillings and dessert sauces or, my personal favorite breakfast parfait.




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