Dog Grooming At Home: The 5 Best Dog Combs That Every Owner Should Have

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Regularly grooming your pet will help remove their lost fur, stimulate new fur growth, and help them have better fur. Dogs that are brushed regularly will have a much smoother, thicker coat. To brush your dog’s fur, you should use a specialized dog comb, not a human comb. Therefore, if you are in need of buying a comb, we have your back. Let’s explore with the 5 best dog combs that every owner should have, as well as how to do dog grooming at home in the best way through the article below.

5 best dog combs to doing dog grooming at home

  • Detangling comb for dogs

For dogs with thick and ruffled fur, when grooming them, you need to buy combs to detangle their fur, especially Poodles, Japanese dogs, Pekingese,… This comb in addition to the detangling function also helps to get rid of dog ticks and fleas very well. You can rest assured when using this comb. With a simple design, the handle is made of hard plastic, the comb teeth are stainless metal, and the teeth are also covered with plastic, so you don’t have to worry about pain for your dog. You can definitively see that the fur is effectively detangled and there will be no more shed fur on your dog’s body.

  • Brushing shedding fur comb

With dog breeds with 2 layers, their fur falls out a lot, sticking to your whole house, especially Alaska, Husky, Samoyed, and Miniature Pinscher. To limit your pet’s shedding, you need a specialized shedding comb. 

The fur loss combs will be an efficient tool for you when doing dog grooming at home. It is made of durable materials with eye-catching designs. The teeth of the comb are designed really close together, so it removes fur loss extremely well. The handle is small and easy to use. In addition, the comb also has a button to adjust the length of the comb teeth, you can be ensured to buy and use it no matter what type of fur your dog has. In addition to the function of brushing shedding fur, this comb also helps to brush the fur up, helping your dog have a beautiful, attractive coat.

Dog Grooming At Home

This comb is quite expensive, but you don’t have to worry about the price because has a $10 Petco coupon to make sure you have the best shopping experience at PetCo. Let’s upgrade your dog’s life with more Petco grooming coupons. 

  • Dog brush with button

The dog comb with a button is a new modern design comb, with a button to change the size of the comb teeth, suitable for all different dog breeds. With this comb, brushing your pet’s fur and doing dog grooming at home will be much simpler and gentler than usual.

This dog comb with a button has many advantages, not to mention that it cleans and detangles fur effectively, the button also helps to push the fur out of the comb without having to use the hand to remove it. Besides that, the comb teeth will not hurt your dog when touching the dog’s skin thanks to the smart round head design.

  • Dog comb with 2 sides

Double-sided dog comb with one wide tooth and one tight tooth. The wide tooth tip will help you detangle and remove your dog’s fur loss and finish dog grooming at home effectively. And the tight tooth tip will help clean the dog ticks, effectively cleaning the fleas that are clinging to them. Therefore, this is the type of comb that is extremely loved by many pet owners. This comb is suitable for both short and long-fur cats and dogs. Safe and effective for pet grooming.

  • Bristles to remove dog ticks, fleas

With dogs having ticks or fleas, it must be really difficult to deal with them. But don’t worry, because this special brush for removing ticks and fleas will help you solve it all. This item is designed to be similar to a human lice comb. With a plastic handle, you can easily move it for brushing. The comb teeth are also made of thick and tight metal that makes you comfortable cleaning ticks and fleas from every dog’s ​​fur. However, due to the thick comb tooth design, you should untangle your dog first to avoid pain.

How to do dog grooming at home properly?

To properly brush your dog’s fur and make your pet feel comfortable, you need to follow these rules:

  • The coat should be combed in the correct order: Head, face, ears, neck, front legs, chest, belly, back, buttocks, hind legs, and finally tail.
  • Brush in the direction of fur growth or brush vertically upwards. Do not brush against the direction of fur growth as it causes pain and fur loss.
  • Brush your dog gently as if you are massaging the dog, do not make your pet feel uncomfortable because they will struggle and it will be difficult to brush again.

Above are the common types of combs and the correct way to do dog grooming at home. Quickly choose the appropriate combs to take care of your beloved dog! Genius Blogger urges you to use our discounts on pets on to not only buy those combs at the best price but also save a lot when shopping for pet foods, pet homes, and pet services,… 

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