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online pharmacies in pakistan
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The online pharmacy is truly the convenient ordering and purchasing of any type of drug. It is advantageous in multiple ways from the patient’s condition, time, cost, locality, and travelling points of view. A representative from the online medical store in Karachi will then call you for confirmation. “Online pharmacies proved a blessing to me when my parents contracted COVID last year and I got all the required medicines at my doorstep without any delivery charges,” Rahul Basharat, a resident of Hassan Abdal, told Arab News. “I would strongly advise people not to use such websites offering medicines at discounted rates, because you never know they’ll be selling poor quality or counterfeit drugs,” Ahmad said.

NIBD Online Pharmacy also offers attractive discounts, monthly refills as well as multi-payment options. On the other hand, Pakistani financial analysts estimate energy imports, including crude oil and refined products from Russia, could save Pakistan about $3 billion a year. Officials at petroleum refineries also said they had apprised the government of supply constraints as some coastlines were located far away and it would take about 16 to 22 days to deliver oil to Karachi.

Pharmacy Locations in Pakistan

Analysts and refinery officials also said despite Pakistan’s plans to import oil from Russia, it would continue to secure its petroleum imports from Gulf countries. Pakistan’s oil imports during 11 months of the last fiscal year, from July 2021 until May 2022, rose by 99 percent to $19.7 billion, including $10 billion imports of refined products and $4.7 billion worth of crude. “Russians can also provide petrol, diesel, crude oil, and liquefied natural gas ,” said Samiullah Tariq, director of online pharmacies in pakistan research at the Pakistan-Kuwait Investment Company. “Assuming it’s at a 25 percent discount from prevailing market rates, Pakistan can save more than $3 billion annually,” he added. “Byco has responded to the government and we have said that Byco can refine Russian oil but there are limitations,” said Mohammad Wasi Khan, chairman of the Cnergyico petroleum refining company, formerly known as Byco. The PML-Q said it would hold elections in the coming days to appoint new leaders to the posts.


You become a part of our beautiful family, once you get in touch with us. We also offer order privacy for products that are not socially acceptable and considered taboo. Exhaustive information about medicines written by verified medical practitioners. Online pharmacy platform GoodRx debuted in the Nasdaq in September where it drew $1.1 billion from cornerstone investors.

The expense includes doctor’s fees, prescribed drugs, travel, and fuel cost but not limited to them. Above mentioned are the few scenarios where the internet pharmacies help you to get medication with few clicks at your doorstep. Without any hassle and difficulty, you place your order and get it at your entrance either through courier or by the salesperson himself. You are on a job, have a busy lifestyle, can’t travel independently, or do not have time to visit the local pharmacy. A sick patient or patient having a disability or chronic pain, bedridden patient, or you cannot step out of the house and visit the pharmacy. Also, sometimes with a sick child, you won’t be able to leave the house.

You can avail of the free delivery service on orders of more than worth 500 rupees. You can find the categories of medicines according to their use on this online pharmacy. Online medicine delivery is not difficult after the invention of such handy apps. DVAGO is one considered of the best pharmacies in Karachi with free home deliveryDVAGO Pharmacy is one of the top medical and wellness stores in Karachi selling medical products along with offering lab and medical consultation services. The company has a number of stores located across the city along with a website where you can easily place your order. All medicines and stored and transported in controlled temperature.

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The sale of pharmaceutical products over the internet has grown rapidly in the last two years after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country in February 2020, disrupting people’s outdoor movement due to restrictions on transportation and public gatherings. A large number of people thus turned to using online pharmacies to order essential drugs, health officials said, though the quality of the products remains questionable. Drug retailers say e-pharmacies challenge their businesses and allow medicines that could be abused to be sold without verification. QnE- is a trustedOnline medical storethat delivers all types of drugs, medicines, and healthcare-related products in Pakistan with a cash delivery option.

So, people who are searching online pharmacy in Lahore, Online Pharmacy in Islamabad, Online Pharmacy in Rawalpindi, Online Pharmacy in Karachi or Online Pharmacy in Multan, do not need to write the city name with their search query. If you feel that there are international pharmacies as a result of your search, you can simply search “Online Pharmacy in Pakistan”. We offer genuine and Imported and Local medicines on discount rates. By purchasing from our website you will get fast delivery with privacy with huge discounts. The best online pharmacy in Pakistan provides affordable medications at your doorstep. Apart from easily available general medicines, we’re trusted and recognized for finding and dispensing medicines that are rarely available in the market.

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