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These actions open the insurance company up to monetary penalties and legal challenges by the homeowner. Certain states allow a specific cause of action based on insurance bad faith while other states require the wronged policyholder to bring a breach of contract claim against the insurer. If you are lucky, your insurance provider will agree with your inventory of damages and agree to cover costs up to your insurance limits. Insurance companies are motivated to settle a claim for the least amount possible, which often results in denial of coverage or settlement offers for less than the requested claim amount. An experienced termite damage lawyer can comb through your policy and determine if there are any loopholes or other options that can be utilized to get you compensation. For example, despite some policies excluding coverage for termite damage, they may still have a collapse provision that can be used if your termite damage causes a collapse.

Termite damage – Termites can cause extensive damage to a home or business. That’s why prospective home buyers hire a professional to inspect a property to determine if termites have caused damage to the foundation or other parts of a building. However, the actual process often involves months of delays and insultingly-low settlement offers, leaving homeowners and businesses without relief or the ability to rebuild. “Catastrophic property loss” is too clinical a name for what it is—it’s a tragedy. Losing a home, a business, or a family inheritance is ruinous, emotionally and financially. Our clients haven’t just lost “buildings” or “assets.” They’ve lost an entire lifetime of building, dreaming, and investing in the future.

Make sure you collect the other driver’s insurance information and license plate details. Also, taking photos of the scene can help your insurance claim later on. You will need the record of the accident for the insurance company. Florin|Roebig, and its content team, is committed to delivering content of the highest caliber. Our editorial standards check for accuracy, sourcing, objective analysis, and more.

Do I Need Home Property Damage Lawyers?

Our former insurance commissioner, Jim Long, and his staff worked hard to establish rules and guidelines that compel insurers to pay fairly for vehicle repairs and total loss claims. Simply put, you can expect the adjuster to provide full and fair payment on property damage claims. Please understand that the adjuster’s open and fair dealings in the property damage claims do not mean that you will be treated fairly in the injury arena.

We know how to handle insurance companies and can help you get the money and protection you need. A property damage claim can extend to any insured property including cars, boats, airplanes, art, collector’s items, and more. However, the most likely situation that would warrant a property damage lawyer is damage to a home or business. An insurer should cover any sort of accidental damage that can’t be attributed to the property owner’s negligence. Filing an insurance claim for property damage to your business or home can be a frustrating and drawn-out process.

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You can have proof of the evidence and condition of your property that was damaged along with more personal property such as furniture, electronics, and clothing. That way there is no question as to what was actually damaged or not replaceable. Whatever type of property damage claim you’re dealing with, no matter how complicated or straightforward it might seem, contact attorney Waite right away. We want to work with you and help you get the compensation you need now. Regardless of the cause of your property damage, it is important to move quickly and efficiently to mitigate further damages and get the property replaced or repaired.

Chapter 4: Vehicle and Personal Property Damage Claims

Insurance adjusters are trained to elicit statements during their claims investigations that will devalue a claim or offer justification for denial. To create this inventory, start by taking photos and videos of all your belongings property damage claim lawyer and of your entire property. Think about what items you would want to replace if they were destroyed and start there. Things like expensive electronics, meaningful items, and other costly things should be included.

Representing policyholders with property damage throughout Illinois

If you would like to learn more about what it is like to work with our firm, please read what our clients have to say. This firm gets the job done in a professional and efficient manner. They maintained an open line of communication, and met all of their proposed timelines. They hear you out and they try and help you in every which way they can. I highly recommend Freundlich & Littman, LLC. They were extremely professional and demonstrated great attention to detail. They were very transparent in all aspects and were well prepared for every interaction.

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If your property suffered from a natural disaster, accident, or theft, don’t hesitate to file a claim. To help you make sense of the matter, our attorneys are well-versed in damage claims and will work for you to ensure you’re adequately compensated. When your damage is beyond repair, your compensation could be the value of your property prior to the damage. For example, extensive repairs could end up costing more than the full value of the vehicle. In these cases, the insurance company could choose to pay for the value of the vehicle. If your property has been damaged or destroyed because of someone else’s actions, then it is crucial to speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

What happens when an adjuster comes to my house to look at property damage?

Most homeowners’ insurance policy protects you from liability claims when someone is injured on your property. Liability coverage can help to pay for any legal costs or the injured person’s medical bills if they got harmed on your property and you were at fault for the accident. Insurance companies sometimes offer early and low settlements to policyholders to avoid large payouts. You should consider these settlement offers as a jumping-off point for negotiations. An experienced property damage lawyer is used to dealing with nefarious insurance companies and they know how to make demands, negotiate, and get results. Michael A. Feiner is a partner in the Fort Lauderdale office of Steinger, Greene & Feiner.

If insurers decide to put up a fight, we know all the tricks they use and the arguments to counter them. You shouldn’t need an attorney to help you with the insurance claim process. A few back-and-forth phone calls with the insurance agent and the auto shop should be enough to fix everything.

Construction and design errors leading to structural failures can often take many years before they are discovered, sometimes only when part of the structure fails altogether, such as a roof collapse. Our team is able to provide an emergency incident response, as well as advising on liability. Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or investor, we want to help you seek the maximum amount possible. We can assist you with properly documenting all damages and help you get your claim in order.

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